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New Hire Welcome Kit


Cookiez by Sara

New Hire Welcome Kit



Cookiez by Sara: New Hire Welcome Kit

Welcome to the team in the sweetest way possible! Cookiez by Sara proudly presents the New Hire Welcome Kit, designed to make your newest members feel embraced from the very first bite.


  1. Delightful Dozen: Unveil a handpicked selection of a dozen gourmet cookies, each impeccably baked with love and sealed in individual bags. Every bite promises a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate.

  2. Branded Elegance: Each cookie bag is adorned with your company's logo, showcasing commitment, unity, and a touch of class. Let your new employees wear their badge with pride, and savor it too!

  3. Personalized Welcome Card: Add your heartfelt message to our elegantly designed welcome card. Whether it's a simple "Welcome aboard" or a more personal note, it will surely amplify the warmth of your gesture.

  4. Optional Extra Gift: Elevate the experience with an extra gift from your company. Whether it's a branded merchandise, a book, or anything else you wish to include, we've created a dedicated space in our kit to seamlessly fit in.


  • Strengthen Company Culture: Cultivate a sense of belonging and pride from day one. This kit bridges the gap between company and employee, ensuring that every new hire starts their journey on a sweet note.

  • High-Quality Ingredients: Our cookies are made from premium ingredients, ensuring a gourmet experience with every bite.

  • Customization: Tailor the kit to resonate with your brand and company values. From the cookies' flavors to the message in the welcome card, every element can be adjusted to your preference.

Perfect For:

  • Welcoming new employees.
  • Celebrating company milestones.
  • Token of appreciation for visiting clients or partners.

Every new journey deserves a memorable beginning. With the Cookiez by Sara New Hire Welcome Kit, you're not just giving cookies – you're gifting a delightful experience, a sense of belonging, and a sweet start to fruitful collaborations. Welcome onboard!